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The idea of ​​MY NAME IS SHAUN was born in a shared kitchen at home in Highgate, London where Shaun Rivers moved in Feb 2018 once I had lived there for a few years already. One day I saw him working on the next painting and I asked if I could record it. He said yes and for the next 8 months, I accompanied Shaun in his everyday life though. I recorded him working in the pub, during his performances in clubs, and while he was producing drawings and collages in our shared garden.

During 2020 - the year of the pandemic -  we watched the final cut together sitting in one of London's city parks in the summertime while the whole world has just frozen. And then... everything changed. 

After the film reached the Semi-Final of October 2020 at India Short Fest and Bronze Reward at Independent Short Awards in the Best Web and New Media category of November 2020 - the first two festivals I chose - it was amazing to get the feeling that the jury of festivals appreciated a fact that simple cell phone was enough to show a simple story depicting the struggles, triumphs, and reality of being a creative hospitality young poet in London. 

Within the next two years, MY NAME IS SHAUN was presented at about 110 festivals worldwide, receiving many awards and distinctions. So many achievements. It could not be any better for a very first-time filmmaker's debut! 


An Apple iPhone SE was used to make the entire film.





















Currently, I have been working on another project in the post-production stage now. This time it is a short horror fiction film I directed and produced during my studies at one of the film schools in Krakow, Poland.


More info is coming very soon.

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